Dan Metcalfe

studied agriculture at both Askham Bryan and Bishop Burton colleges. After a short time farming the family farm he set up as a landscaper in an attempt to find an outlet for his growing creativity. Whilst no longer in agriculture he remains in touch and influenced by the land, nature and the elements and uses his landscapes as a canvas to create, incorporating his earthy love of nature and rural Yorkshire upbringing.


Joe Priestley

Whilst studying at university I was fortunate to work with the Rothwell Charnel Chapel Project, a multidisciplinary research group focussed upon public engagement in archaeology. The project aimed to make archaeology and osteology more approachable for the public and, wherever possible, we tried to dispel any macabre or gruesome associations with human skeletal remains. We used 3D scanning, strontium-oxygen isotope analysis, laser imagery and involved a range of partners from Boeing to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. Throughout this process, I worked on public open days, website design and social media to help engage the public. I now work as a Heritage Learning Officer in North Yorkshire, where I use many of the research skills from my days working with the Rothwell Project in workshops, lectures and open days.

Frayah Humphries

Frayah Humphries is a freelance illustrator with a degree in animation from Bournemouth University. Coming from a background in traditional animation she enjoys the challenge of being able to tell a story and convey a message through a still image using a subjects expression, body language and posture to convey many things without the need for words. A native of Yorkshire Frayah is deeply connected to the countryside and draws her inspiration from the landscape and a life long fascination with myth, legend, folklore and story.