About Us

Fields of mud, seeds of hope is a two dimensional depiction of a line of personnel returning from war, created from the process of drying mud. There are number of figures created to represent those who served, walking from left to right with their backs to the past, the war and despair and their faces looking into the future, to peace and to hope. Fields of mud, Seeds of hope is a “threshold” piece and seeks to try and capture the mood of that moment 100 years ago when the last guns were silenced, the Great War became the past after being so vividly present, and thoughts gradually turned to the future, and hope. Fields of mud, seeds of hope aims to respectfully and optimistically explore and engage in the discussion about the legacies of the First World War both good and bad and their effects on the of world today.

When thinking of the War we all too often “get stuck in the trenches”. We can readily call to mind the destruction and devastation wrought but often neglect to see other more optimistic legacies which the Great War left us with. The mud, the blood and the sacrifice are rightly remembered. But less so are the social changes, advances in medical practice, science and technology, political changes and the birth of new nations. Effects that were not only felt by those who served and their families, but also continue to be felt by subsequent generations.